On July 31st 2019 we released a new Jisc Library Hub Cataloguing service, with faster reponse times and an increasing range of contributors. Please try out the new interface and give us feedback as we continue the development. The RLUK service will continue to be maintained in parallel for a few months whilst the new Library Hub Cataloguing service becomes established, allowing for a smooth transition.

The RLUK Record Retrieval Service

The RLUK Record Retrieval Service is available to RLUK Members and Customers.

You can access the RLUK database using:

Help and Advice

For technical enquiries and search support contact the Copac Helpdesk:

Email: Contact
Twitter: @copac

For general information about the RLUK Record Retrieval Service contact RLUK

Email: helpdesk@rluk.ac.uk.

The RLUK web site is at: http://www.rluk.ac.uk/