RLUK Database: Z39.50 Access

Z39.50 Searching

The basic connection details for the RLUK database Z39.50 server are:

Host machinerluk.mimas.ac.uk
Database nameEither: utf8, marc8, dedup-utf8, dedup-marc8
Username & PasswordYou'll need to specify your Z39.50 Username and password

For the vast majority of searches there should be no need to use anything other than Bib-1 Use attributes. Instead of using extra Attributes you can:

  • Append an asterisk, *, at the end of your search term to indicate truncation
  • Use ".." to indicate a date range, e.g. 2010..2012
  • Enclose keyword terms in double quotes to require a phrase search

The only extra Attributes you may need to use are:

  • Structure Attribute "Key" (3) — use this with Use Attribute 4 if you want a Title Key search. A Title key uses the 3-2-2-1 format, e.g. Lor-of-th-r (or Lor,of,th,r). Either hyphens or commas can be used to delimit the parts of the Key. However it would be simpler to just use Use Attribute 33 (see below) for a Title Key search as it doesn't require any extra attributes.
  • Completeness Attribute "Complete Field" (3) — use again with Use Attribute 4 for an exact title search. This can be combined with a Right Truncation attribute.

Supported Use Attributes

Use AttributeNotes
5Title of a Related Item
9, 10National Bibliography Number
27Library of Congress Subheading
30, 31Publication DateUse ".." to indicate a range of dates, e.g.:
33Title Keye.g.: lor-of-th-r
54Languagee.g.: eng, fre
56Contributore.g.: oxf, cam, edi, lco (see below for code list)
59Place of Publication
1000Author-Title Keye.g.: tolk-lord
1001Record TypeMARC leader character 6
1, 1003Author
1016, 1017Keyword
1024Map Scalee.g.: 50000
1031Material Typee.g.: bk, se, mu
1053Country of publication
5104Collection ManagementKeyword search of collection management fields
5105Cataloging Source
5107Table of Contents
5109RDAAny term will select RDA records
7000Command Line Query

Keyword search

We pre-process keyword search terms and if they contain what appears to be a non-keyword term then it is converted into the appropriate search type. ISBNs are fairly easy to spot, as are derived keys, single dates and open-ended date range searches. Date range search However, some date range searches are also ISSNs, e.g. ISSN 2008-2010 is the "Journal of ophthalmic & vision research." Therefore to disambiguate such cases a date range should be expressed in the following form: 2008..2010.

We get many searches that combine an ISBN with some title keywords, an author name and perhaps a date. If there's an ISBN in the query then the other terms are pretty much superfluous and the new database will ignore them. This allows the query to run much faster.

Result set size

The result set size of a keyword search is an approximation. It will only ever over-estimate.

A search for an ISBN will always return an exact number of records as an ISBN search does not use the keyword index.

Contributor codes

The following table list the name and code for all RLUK database contributing libraries.

NameCodeCRN Prefix
University of Aberdeenabn26
University of Birminghambir13
British Library: BNBbnb99
British Library: Currentbli72
British Library: Pre-1975blc73
British Library: RPSrps74
University of Bradfordbra34
British School at Romebsr96
University of Bristolbri27
University of Cambridgecam01
University of Cambridge Special collectionscax33
University of Cardiffcdf24
Cathedral Libraries (was Hand Press Books)hpb46
Chetham's Libraryche60
City of London, Guildhall Libraryctl47
Courtauld Institute of Artcia57
University of Durhamdur18
University of Edinburghedi02
University of Essexesx35
University of Exeterext48
University of Glasgowgla03
Henry Moore Institutehmi61
Imperial College Londonimp09
Institute of Educationioe49
Institution of Mechanical Engineersime32
Lambeth Palacelam51
Trinity Saint David Special Collections (was Lampeter)lmp32
University of Leedslee04
University of Leicesterlei52
Library of Congresslco98
University of Liverpoolliv19
University of London, Senate Houselon05
University of Manchesterman06
National Library of Scotlandnls70
National Library of Walesnlw71
Natural History Museumnhm53
University of Newcastlencl17
University of Nottinghamntm16
University of Oxfordoxf07
Royal Academy of Musicram54
Royal College of Surgeons of Englandrcs39
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgowrcg62
University of Reading (Special colelctions)rdg30
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kewkew50
University of St Andrewssta31
University of Sheffieldshe14
Scott PR Institutespr38
Society of Antiquariessal63
University of Southamptonsth20
Tate Galleryttg55
University of Warwickwar15
Wellcome Librarywel22
University of Yorkyrk85